Ads Placement

Welcome to our website. 

For inquiries about Ads placements, kindly send us a mail

Your ads would feature on every channels available on the site, starting from the homepage, post body, etc. At Postingday , we ensure that you get 100% results from your ads, therefore promoting further business avenue for both parties.

we have every rights to terminate your ads placements after the proposed budget has expired, but we would never take down your ads before the expired time frame.

– Note that, we don’t accept pornography, nudes or any matured content that might be graphic to some viewers.

– Note that, we don’t accept scam related content, that might be detrimental to the financial, health and general wellbeing of the people.

Note that, we won’t tolerate any form of false information, whatsoever from the ads creator, because we won’t be a part of any misinformation directly or indirectly.

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