Couple Trapped In a Castle After Love Making

A couple got trapped in a castle because they were too busy having sex. Alex Conn and Sarah Lynch popped into the 11th-century fortress just before closing time.

When they got to the top of the deserted 100ft tower they began to kiss and cuddle before they started romping on a window ledge.

However the couple were shocked to see the gates locked when they headed back down on Monday evening at Richmond Castle, North Yorks in England.

Business adviser Sarah, 37, said: “We lost track of time. A castle is a very romantic setting. The light made everything look magical.”

She said she initially thought Alex was joking when he told her the gate was locked. She called firefighters while Alex yelled for help out of a window. Sarah, from Durham, went on:

“Luckily there was a member of staff heading to her car who heard Alex. She let us out and was very apologetic.”

She said the pair, dating eight months, are normally sexually conservative, adding: “We will stick to the bedroom.”

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